Little Things That Made Me Happy #1 

As a way to appreciate my days better, I will practice on noting down the little things that made me happy during the day hihihi.. And I wanna do this everyday, inshaAllah! Here’s to begin with… <3
  • Went to took my dad to the aiport after pick him up with mom, mashaAllah busy guy. Please protect him ya Rabb.
  • Breakfast with mom at roadside- we ate gado-gado and rice cake. Found a cheap and tasty food, happy.
  • Done our Duha prayer at random Masjid in town. Met the masjid guardian, two old man with gray hairs and nice smile mashaAllah bless you.
  • Mom ask me to drive her to the healthy center, and waiting her for like 3 hours and fell asleep in the car. Sweaty = free
  • Getting a bunch of kurma (dates) and gifts from my uncles who just came back from Umrah.
  • Will sleep over at mom’s room, tonight <3
  • And hi new followers :) xx
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